Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sebas has a camera

Since I started being serious about photography Sebastian has seen me a lot with my camera, so it was only natural that he finally said: "Mamá you comprar una cámara for me, fo mi mor (por favor)"

We looked around the apartment and found an old digital camera, loaded it with batteries and gave it to him to see what happened. We truly expected to see it torn in pieces in a couple of hours, but my secret wish was to see the first photos taken by Sebastian :)

A little later we were being chased by a little man and a flash, he was unstoppable :) so here is a little selection of his work.

Collection #1: Feet
Well seems like Sebastian spends a lot of time looking at legs, it might be his height ;)

Collection #2: Home
He seems to be quite keen on his home .. there are many photos of our bathroom too

Collection #3: Giraffe
No description needed

Collection #4: Mamá y Papá
Our fronts and backs

Collection #5: Table
Here are a few snapshots of our meals, there is ketchup of course, fruit, pizza, maple syrup, Mickey Mouse pancakes and a cow.

Collection #6: People
We found out that Sebastian is not shy about getting people to pose for his pictures, so so proud ...

Sebastian's first solo photo album is loaded in flickr. Click here to see all his work :) and click on slideshow.

- Alessandra


Anonymous said...

Premio Pulitzer para Sebas ya!!!!

Esto si que es fotoperiodismo!!!

Me han encantado las fotos de los culos!!! J

Anonymous said...

Sin duda Sebas se contagió de ver a su mami trabajando en fotografía, y al parecer él también lo hará muy bien !!
Lindas y muy originales fotos, las de nuestro Sebas !!

Anonymous said...

Ya sabeis quién va a sacar las fotos estas navidades, no??? Sebas Testino!

Besotes para todos!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!
I have an old digital camera that I should let Cole play with - would be nice to have someone in the family other than me taking all of the photos!! ;-)

Anonymous said...



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