Tuesday, August 02, 2011


yes, it's true ... we moved again, by now, everyone reading this blog knows, not because of the blog updates but mostly because of facebook - which has become the latest on blog immediacy. Hasn't it?

In any case, I miss my blog and I miss updating it. Mostly because I think it will be great for Sebastian (and now for n2) to be able to read this later.

So, the delay in posts was brought on by two factors: #1 we moved again, this time back to Luxembourg and #2 well, I am expecting a #2! a little round baby girl whose name I am dreaming of  ;-)

We have space, we have plants, a bbq for Chuck and a trampolin!

Luxembourg has been good to us, although there is no denying I love and miss Lausanne and everything that came with it. But here we are! and always putting all my effort in making it all work out.

Hopefully it will ...

1 comment:

Nikki, Ryan, Connor & Aidan said...

Great to see you're back! I know how hard it is to keep up with the blog. I am also very behind. Miss you! xxx

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