Thursday, September 15, 2011

36 weeks and still "running!"

This is a totally obnoxiously ME post. So I am hoping not too many people are reading. This is to remind myself how good I felt through the pregnancy and relish on this part! As opposed to the first five months where I just had this "I-am-going-to-vomit-on-you" face (right now!) with no vomiting actually, which made things even worse... (for me of course).

Since I don't have a picture of me running, here is a photo taken yesterday (14/09/2011) :

About 2-3 times a week, after dropping off Sebastian at school I sneak out to park my car near the Grund and run. It is getting silly for two reasons:

1) I feel a little silly telling people what I am really off to when they ask me to join them for coffee, so I just say I have an appointment. And I am a terrible liar, so they probably see that I am lying just by looking at my face. I just cannot bear  the whole "what???? running??? " and then I feel like I am showing off. So I prefer a little white lie :)

2) It's actually pretty funny to see me running. Firstly because it's no longer a run, and secondly because a lot of people point or just look at me with their mouths open. It embarrasses me a little and also makes me a liiiitle proud.

Anyway, my doctor is totally fine with me running, he is also a runner and advised me to listen to my body and to watch out for uneven surfaces. The biggest risk is to fall. It's pretty incredible how good I feel during and after my runs. Most of the pains associated with the pregnancy: back pain, sciatica, joint pain, go away. And I am refreshed and feeling cheerful.

So that's about it, a completely pat-on-the back ME post.

Just got back from my check-up and all looks well. Due date 18 of October.

- A

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Nikki, Ryan, Connor & Aidan said...

You are incredible!!! Still hoping for the 17th so baby girl can share her day with Connor! Miss you and I owe you an email xx

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